Colibrė and her puppies
Etichetta and Colibrė
Etichetta and Colibrė
Colibrė and  Astra (Alice)
Penny and her daughter Alice
Angie and Pluto
Elendil Etichetta Nera
Yoghy and Angie
Magia with a puppy
Alessandro and Etichetta
Laura and Etichetta (Alpi Apuane)
Astra "Alice"
Alice (daughter of Einsten and Etichetta)
Minnie (daughter of Pepi and Flo)
Miele Dolce Brio
Alice Come Me Nessuna (5 months)
Astra "Alice"
Elendil Etichetta Nera
Noel (son of Miele and Lulų)
Alice and Toby (sons of Etichetta)
Toby (son of Einstein and Etichetta)
Oblō and Lulų Birbantella 
(sons of Pepi and Venere)
Alice and Pippo
Isotta (daughter of Frankie and Eva)
Celestina, Edy, Astra and Colibrė
Penny, Magia, Pepi, Edy,  
Astra, Venere, Colibrė  
and on the chair.. Etichetta
litter of Etichetta
Alabama Song 
(sister of Mary, Max, Blue and Lulų)
Maryland Blackeyed Susan "Mary"
Texas Ranger "Max"
Hawaii HonoLulų Baby (figlia di Colibrė)
Cuore Matto (brother of Colibrė)
E' quasi magia Johnny 
(brother of Etichetta, Pepi and Miele)
Astra "Alice"
Minnie (daughter di Pepi e Flo)
Alice come me nessuna 
(daughter of Etichetta and Einstein) 
Pollon (daughter of Colibrė)
Toby (son of Etichetta and Einstein)
Giufā (son of Etichetta and Einstein)
Etichetta Nera Rose of New York 
(daughter of Lulų Baby and Miele)
Ora ci sei tu di Zuccherino (daughter of Venere and Pepi)
Alice come me nessuna 
Alessandro and Etichetta
Texas Ranger "Max"
Etichetta Nera The Great Gatsby 
(son of Etichetta and Einstein)
Alex Dolce Brio  
(son of Colibrė)
Alice come me nessuna 
(daugther of Etichetta and Einstein)
Etichetta, Caterina e Venere 
Alice (Astra) and Johnny
Rhode Island Hope "Blue" 
(brother of Lulų Baby, Max, Mary and Alabama)
Miele Dolce Brio
Alice (Astra)  
advertising in Milan
Alice (Astra)