My story....  
Johnny, Alice, Colibrì, Etichetta and Lulù.... 
I remember the first time I saw an Old English Sheepdog. I was at the sea-side with my family. We went to a restaurant and there was this puppy sleeping under a table. He was beautiful... we asked the owner some informations about him and about the breed and talking he told us that there was an available litter.  
My story with the old english sheepdogs started that day... 
I came back home with a puppy. His name was Jonathan "Johnny". Johnny was a wonderful Agility dog, now he is at the raimbow brigde, gone from my life, but never absent from my heart. 
When Johnny was 7 years old I decided to buy another old english sheepdog. Her name is Astra (Ch.Lamedazottel High'n Mighty x CH.Pennylane Zuccherino). I started to show her and I gained some CAC and CACIB and BOB.
Astra was very similar to her mother and her movement was excellent. After two years I bought another bitch, her name is Colibrì Brio (Ch.Lamedazottel Heaven Knows Bahlambs x CH.Pennylane Zuccherino). I started to show her and I gained several CAC and CACIB and BOB.  
This is the judgement of Claude Ritter at a special show about Colibrì: 
"10 mois, très jolie femelle de taille moyenne, excellente tete, très belle expression, oeil très foncè et pigmentè, superbe sortie d'encolure et avaint main, excellente bascule, très bonne poitrine pour son age, excellente manteau pour son age, excellente mouvemente, bonne prise de terrain, excellente parallelisme" 1°ECC in Junior Class 
This is the judgement of Jilly Bennet (Pelajilo Kennel) about Colibrì (14 months old) at the Italian OES Championship in 1997:
"Beautiful head, balanced, everything to like. Correct bite, brown eyes with good pigmentation. She is so feminine yet with substance, good bone, deep body, good topline, depth to body. Excellent angulation. Fabulous free movement, really reaching out with good drive from the rear. Profuse coat that need to strenghter and clear the brown" 1°ECC in Junior class 
I started to breed with Colibrì. I mated her three times. The first male I used for her was Tutti Frutti Under My Thumb... from that litter I kept for  me a bitch, Elendil Etichetta Nera and the owner of the male kept CH.Tutti Frutti Paperback Writer "Pepi". Pepi is the first bobtail bred in Italy used as stud dog abroad and we have a son of Pepi in UK and a daughter in Germany 
Oblò di Zuccherino 
(Owner: Steve Hall, Shenedene Kennel, UK.Breeder: Marchi Caterina) 
Tutti Frutti Obsession detta Minnie 
(Owner: Dangerfreak Kennel, Germany.Breeder: Tiziano Santini) 
In September 2002 I bred the last litter of Colibrì. The male I used is CH.Blue Panda Made in Paradise, a dog bred in USA and I kept another bitch, Etichetta Nera Hawaii Honolulu Baby "Lulù".... and this is not the end, the story continues.... we mated Elendil Etichetta Nera "Etichetta" with  Dangerfreak's Roll the Dice and Etichetta Nera Hawaii Honolulu Baby with Miele Dolce Brio... 
Laura Grassi