An old breed, a nice-looking dog, a little bit funny, he was very popular in the eighties thanks to his presence in famous movies. Once he was the dog of the shepherds, often raised with rusticity and under difficult environmental conditions. Nowadays the old english sheepdog  is also the dog of the gentlemen, but his dignity is not altered from the way of living in the luxurious living rooms, it is also the dog of the gentlemen, but its dignity is not altered even if he probably would prefer the hard life of the country. In fact this dog has not lost anything of the rusticity of the past and he has maintained the characteristics typical of the breed. His character requires also a considerable contact with the owner.  And therefore it is not proper to be left alone for long periods. He needs love and he knows how to reciprocate it with frankness and devotion. The Bobtail is not a dog to leave in a garden, he would suffer from loneliness. He have to participate in the life of the family and there is no so integrated dog; your friends will be his friends. He requires to express his feelings.
One must admit , he wants to be the centre of attention  and I guarantee he is good at that. His intelligence is great and intuitive. They learn everything without effort and it's a pity do not motivate them. It seems, sometimes, that they anticipate your  mind of a second.   
As often happens for the breeds that have a remarkable history behind and born by the gradual specialization for determinate functions, evolved during the years also by means of the shephersd, also the origins of the Old English Sheepdog are not clear.  Certainly the Old English Sheepdog was born as working dog from the demand to have reliable, intelligent, robust and strong dogs, but also agile and dynamic, able to have a very busy working life. It's confirmed that the OES is a "farm dog". He is able to meet the needs of a owner that is shepherd, drover, farmer, a dog able to work with sheeps, with bovines and other animals, able to gather the flock when pasture.
A dog able to gather the flock also at the marketplace, that protect the flock, not from predator that in UK don't exist, but from robbery, and also able to work without problems between the people in the country town at that time.  For the variety of jobs we know  for certain that the OES is an old breed also if it was not so uniform as provided in the first official standard wrote in 1888.