Results Italian Championship Show. Giudice: Mrs Della Oakes 
Alice come me nessuna di Etichetta Nera: 1°ECC CAC open female 
Etichetta Nera Grazie Mille: 1° Very Promising Puppy female 
Etichetta Nera Troppo Forte: 1° Very Promising Puppy Male 
Well Done! 
Ora had her litter. The father is Apple's Angel Pluto. 2 boys and 5 girls 
Etichetta had her puppies. The father is Dangerfreak's Roll the dice. 2 boys and 2 girls 
Alice Come Me Nessuna, breeder: Laura Grassi "all.to Etichetta Nera" Owner: Andrea Fabbian is "Giovane Promessa Enci" (Joung Champion) 
Yesterday Lulů had her puppies. 2 boys and 3 girls. Mother and puppies are very well. Visit the page Puppies to see the first photos. 
Elendil Etichetta Nera is in season from 14th of August. We went to Innsbruck to mate her with Danderfreak's Roll the Dice.  
Update: Unluckily Etichetta is not in whelp. We'll mate her again in February/March 2008 
Etichetta Nera Hawaii Honolulu Baby is in season. We are going to mate her to Miele Dolce Brio. Mating planned for 11th of August. 
Miele is waiting for Lulů....... when are you arriving....??? 
Apple's Angel Pluto and the sister Ginger Femme Fatale are "Giovane Promessa ENCI" (Joung Champion)    
7 luglio 2007 
Alfalfa has a new family. Now le lives in Genova with the Gosti Family.  
www.elfenheim.com Alfalfa von der Hummelelfe is available as show dog. The father is our Miele Dolce Brio the mother is CH.Pole Position's Korn Flakes Girl. If you are interested please contact Ute Hochwald : UHochwald@aol.com (in the pictures one months old) 
Di Zuccherino Kennel. Just born, 2 boys and 3 girls. Father Apple's Angel Pluto, Mother Ch.Venere di Zuccherino. Breeder Caterina Marchi. Visit the page Puppies 
Von der Hummelelfe" Kennel in Germany. The puppies at 5 days old 
17-03 2007 
Von der Hummelelfe" Kennel in Germany...... just born. 4 boys and 5 girls. The father is our Miele Dolce Brio and the mother is CH.Pole-Position's Kornflake Girl. 
Here is the first pictures 
Bad news : we scanned again Lulů and unluckily she reabsorbed her babies. We will try to mate her again at the next season. We will also   mate Elendil Etichetta Nera and we hope to have more luck 
News: Etichetta Nera Hawaii Honolulu Baby is in whelp. We scanned her. The proud father is Miele Dolce Brio 
News from Germany: Ch.Pole-Position's Cornflakes Girl is in whelp. The proud father is our Miele Dolce Brio 
Venere di Zuccherino has been mated by Apple's Angel Pluto. More info at the page next litters: Breeder Caterina Marchi. 
Championship Show Erba: Alice and Peppone "Toby", mother: Elendil Etichetta Nera and father Dangerfreak's Roll the Dice at their first show. Judge: Andrew H.Brace (UK) 
Judgement of Etichetta Nera The Great Gatsby "Toby": 
4 months, obviously baby, very promising. Good overall, type and construction, bone, correct angulation, promising coat. Moves quite true for one so young. 
1° Very Promising - Best Baby 
Alice come me nessuna 
4 months, very promising, full of quality, excellent overall, type and shape, alltogether well, balanced. Moving a little close behind, well in front. Happy temperament, When she fully coordinate she will be ok 
1° Very Promising 
E' quasi Magia di Zuccherino is in season. We are going to mate her with Lucio Battisti di Zuccherino. More info at the page Coming Litters. Breeder: Caterina Marchi 
(update 20-12-: sorry, Magia has no puppies) 
We have puppies born on the 6th of August. 4 boys and 1 girl. Father: Dangerfreak Roll the Dice Mother: Elendil Etichetta Nera. 
Oblň di Zuccherino and Lulů Birbantella di Zuccherino (father: Tutti Frutti Paperback Writer mother: Venere di Zuccherino) were R.BIS and BIS at Midland Counties OES Show in UK, Judges Barrie Croft and Angie Allen. It was a great day for us. We want to thank Mr Steve, Pat and Michaela Hall. 
Tutti Frutti Obsession (CH.Tutti Frutti Paperback Writer x Tutti Frutti Black Label) is German Junior Champion. We want in this occasion renew our gratitude to Mrs. Kerstin Hemminger (Dangerfreak Kennel) in considering our breeding so high and wish Kerstin all the best with her. 
Miele Dolce Brio 3° in Agility 1 and 3° in "Combinata Agility-Jumping".  
In the picture below Miele with his owner Giorgio 
14-11- 2004 
Photos of the puppies of Pepi (CH.Tutti Frutti Paperback Writer) and Trudy (CH.Mocobi's Living in Paradise) bred in Germany "Dangerfreak Kennel"  at five weeks 
Dangerfreak Kennel. The puppies at 9 days   
Dangerfreak Kennel in Germany...... just born. 5 boys and 2 girls. The father is CH.Tutti Frutti Paperback Writer "Pepi" and the mother is CH.Mocobi's Living in Paradise "Trudy"